If you are receiving 403 errors, check the following:

1. You may have a corrupt .htaccess file. Download your current .htaccess file to save as a backup. Then delete it from your server. Visit your site and a new default .htaccess file will automatically be generated. If this solves your problem, look at the .htaccess file you downloaded to determine if there is any code within it that needs to be corrected.

2. Your file permissions may not be correct. Ask your host to check that your WordPress directories and files have the correct permissions.,

3. This can be due to a security plugin. To sort this out, activate the learning mode of the plugin or contact their support.

4. This issue can also be due to the firewall of your server, such as mod_security, so this has to be checked with your hosting company.

5. Another plugin may be causing a conflict. Deactivate all plugins except Elementor. If the problem clears up, you know that another plugin is the problem. Reactivate each plugin, one at a time, testing your site with each reactivation. Keep testing until you find the plugin that is causing the failure. Get in touch with that plugin’s developers to request assistance or use another plugin with similar functionality.

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